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  • Calendar 2019 Presentation

    Calendar 2019 Presentation


    This year we are going for all! The 2019 calendar will leave its mark, and we hope that the message reaches far.

    Because awareness is one of the most important pillars for Huella A Huella and we want that, with your contribution, you help us to spread the message.

    Do you want to know how it is? Come to the presentation that we will do in the Municipal Theater of La Villa de Teguise on Wednesday, October 31st at 12 o'clock and discover the great unknown.

    And, if you can not attend the presentation, go to the snack where you can see it, buy it and enjoy a private presentation and a snack just for us. Where? At the Miramar Lanzarote Hotel at 6pm on November 3rd.

    You have no excuse, two opportunities to meet and buy our calendar, we are waiting for you !!

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  • The HAH engine, the volunteers!


    It is not easy to continue there, perseverance, effort, and much more, not everyone is capable ...

    That's why our volunteers, those who are there day after day, month after month, year after year, are the ones who really manage to make the Huella A Huella ahead move forward.

    Thank you family, we are fortunate!

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  • Adopt! <3


    All this furries are waiting their opportunity... Adopt! <3

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  • Gateway of Adoption

    Gateway of Adoption


    Many furry are waiting for their opportunity at the Teguise Animal Shelter, so we want you to have the opportunity to meet them and find great love &#10084;&#65039;

    Come on Sunday August 19th to the Plaza de Los Leones in La Villa de Teguise and fall in love! #Adopt Happiness

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  • Walking Together ... Always 2018

    Walking Together ... Always 2018


    It was time for a new date with the Walking Together ... Always!!

    Once again we will meet at La Molina (where the school), at 5:00 p.m., to go up with our furry ones to the beautiful Castle of Santa Bárbara and enjoy that wonderful walk, always together!

    On the way back, we will enjoy a delicious snack and of course, the great company.

    You sign up? Of course!! No need to register in advance, come the same day and as an inscription bring accessories for the furry of the center (necklaces, leashes, harnesses ...) We are waiting for you !!

  • PerRUNos 2018

    PerRUNos 2018


    The most famous Family Walk/Race with Dog of Lanzarote returns, the 3rd edition of PerRUNos is here!

    As last year, the walk will be departing and arriving from the El Pueblo Shopping Center - Las Coloradas, and the wonderful surroundings of our Papagayo Beaches, in Los Ajaches, about 4km where we can walk and enjoy with the whole family, furry included ;).

    In addition we will have many other surprises that we will announce throughout the days, but we will not miss our catwalk of dogs that look for family, you never know :P

    Online registrations closed, but you can still register the same day of the event from 10am. (Pack PerRUNs until end of stock)

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  • DOGnival at La Villa de Teguise

    DOGnival at La Villa de Teguise


    We continue with Carnival and, sharing it with our furry ones is what we like the most.

    Therefore, we have a new opportunity to enjoy the DOGNIVAL, this time in La Villa de Teguise.

    We wait for you next March 4th, at 11am, on the side of the tent where the Market.

    We will have a great time with our costume contest, prepare yours that the competition is amazing :).

    There will also be some furry waiting to find a family forever, and we will have our sales and information table.

    Do not miss it, there is no other Carnival the same !!

    Registration € 2 to or the same day at the event

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  • Dogs Carnival in C.C. Marina Lanzarote - DOGnival

    Dogs Carnival in C.C. Marina Lanzarote - DOGnival


    One more year, could not miss the most fun and family Carnival in Lanzarote, the DOGnival is already here!

    We are waiting for you next Saturday, February 17th, from 11am at Marina Lanzarote.

    Bring your best costumes and participate to win one of the great prizes we have prepared.

    As always, the furry ones that are looking for family will also accompany us, come and meet them ;)

    Take advantage of one of the few opportunities to have a great time with your furry, we are waiting for you!!

    Registration only €2 sending mail to or the same day of the event.

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  • Catwalk of Awareness

    Catwalk of Awareness


    This Sunday, for our furry ones, Christmas Eve will be in the morning, because they will accompany us to something really special ...

    From 11am we will be in the Plaza de los Leones with a catwalk a little different from what we are used to, this time it will be a Catwalk of Awareness. It will be very interesting, do not miss it!!

    We will also have a sales and information stand, where you can find our 2018 calendars among many other things.

    We and the furry ones of the Animal Shelter Center of Teguise, we wait for you in the Plaza de los Leones of La Villa de Teguise from 11a.m. to 1p.m. Do not miss it!




    Al fin vio la luz!! Después de muchos meses de preparación, la campaña "Todos los días de mi vida" ya está en circulación.

    Con esta campaña, acompañada de los calendarios de 2018, queremos hacer llegar un mensaje claro y emotivo, queremos que todos tomen conciencia del compromiso que se adquiere al ampliar la familia con un peludo, al igual que en el día de una boda, haciendo unas promesas claras y sinceras: en la salud y la enfermedad, en las alegrías y las penas, en lo bueno y en lo malo, en la riqueza y en la pobreza... Todos los días de mi vida <3

  • Presentation Christmas Campaign and Calendar 2018

    Presentation Christmas Campaign and Calendar 2018


    Next November 27th will be a really special day ....

    At 10:30 am, at the Spínola Palace, in La Villa de Teguise, it will be the presentation of a campaign that has been waiting for a long time to come to light, and that will be exciting.

    Also we will present our calendars for next year, which will not go unnoticed ;).

    Do not wait to find out the last, and come to see us! We will wait for you!!

  • You want to make a furry happy effortlessly? 🐶 Be buddy flight!!

    You want to make a furry happy effortlessly? &#128054; Be buddy flight!!


    You want to make a furry happy effortlessly? &#128054; Be buddy flight!! If you're going to fly to Madrid, Stuttgart, Holland and Belgium, help them to reach their new homes. We organize and pay everything, you just enjoy a very special moment &#9786;&#65039;. 
    If you are not going to fly, please s

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