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  • Wishing to love ... Abel

    Wishing to love ... Abel


    Abel only has and wants love, loves to give hugs and attention. After a life of suffering, he deserves the best.

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  • The HAH engine, the volunteers!

    The HAH engine, the volunteers!


    😓 It is not easy to continue there, perseverance, effort, and much more, not everyone is capable ...

    That's why our volunteers, those who are there day after day, month after month, year after year, are the ones who really manage to make Huella A Huella ahead move forward.

    Thank you family, we are fortunate! ❤️🐾

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  • Abel, from hell to heaven ...

    Abel, from hell to heaven ...


    ABEL was one of the 5 seized, his life so far has been hell, but he deserves much more...

    He is a charming, very loving and cheerful boy ❤ a sportsman family and wanting to teach him would be perfect, because he is very eager to learn.

    If you want to have a special guy in your family, he's your boy and he's waiting for you. #Adopt Abel

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  • Yanel, pure love.

    Yanel, pure love.


    You just have to see her to realize all the love she gives off, she just wants you to love her and share her life with a family forever.

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  • Adoption Catwalk 2018

    Adoption Catwalk 2018


    Yesterday, on the Adoption Catwalk, we had a great morning, and the best way to share it with all of you is through this video.

    All furry that appear in it, are looking for family, help them get it sharing 😉 #Adopt

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