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  • Lambo in rehabilitation

    Lambo in rehabilitation


    LAMBO came with a bad paw, apparently he was hit by a car and did not heal well, so he had to be operated. 😪

    Now He's ready to start his rehabilitation, and thanks to our volunteer Juan Carlos, he's going out for a walk every day to gain musculature and get strong and more handsome if he can be 😍

    He's a little shy and he's still frightened, especially the cars. He's very calm and loving, so he'd be happy if he found a quiet family that gave him the confidence he needs.

    Come and meet him and give him the opportunity, #adopt, and if you can't adopt, #share and help him find that special family. ❤️

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  • Hope already has hope

    Hope already has hope


    Little by little our girl starts to move her tail and see the new world that awaits her, full of happiness :)

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  • I'm Bolly, Do you play with me forever?

    I'm Bolly, Do you play with me forever?


    Bolly is a very playful guy, anything serves to have a good time together. He is quiet on walks and loves caresses.

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  • Lambo finally free

    Lambo finally free


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