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  • Olaf, a new superhero

    Olaf, a new superhero


    OLAF is a puppy that was found huddled in a palm tree, with a large open wound on the face. He is only 7 months old and that is what he has to live. :(

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  • AMAL, abuelita de caramelo

    AMAL, abuelita de caramelo


    AMAL is a 9 year old granny, as sweet as caramel, tender and soft as cotton and really affectionate. Living with her would be a luxury for who gives her the opportunity, do you want to be you?
    She is located in the Animal Shelter Center of Teguise.

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  • La pequeña, gran Dama

    La pequeña, gran Dama


    Dama se encuentra en el Centro de Acogida de Animales de Teguise y está esperando una familia que la quiera. La adoptas?

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  • Lía - An exemplary student

    Lía - An exemplary student


    Before long Lía is improving a lot, with the help of Cesar of EmpireDOG she is learning to behave toward other dogs and not stressed by their presence.

    Now, she need the opportunity to move forward in a new home.

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  • Lía - A major challenge for an opportunity

    Lía - A major challenge for an opportunity


    With Lia presents us a great challenge, they not give us another option that sacrifice, but did not want to fail her and thanks to EmpireDOG, we are working on her new opportunity.

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