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    El próximo domingo hay convocada esta concentración a nivel nacional para conseguir que, de una vez, las leyes se endurezcan y sean adecuadas para los delitos que se comenten contra los animales de nuestro país.

    Parte del equipo de Huella A Huella, humanos y peludos, mostramos nuestro apoyo y tendremos una representación en dicho evento, al cual os animamos a asistir para demostrar que #Lanzarote también quiere ese cambio tan necesario.

    No faltes!! El recorrido empezará a las 10h desde el Recinto Ferial de Arrecife y seguirá por la Avda. Fred Olsen.

    Más información: https://www.facebook.com/JusticiayDefensaAnimal/?fref=ts

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  • Carnival

    Carnival "CANnaval" at Marina Lanzarote 2017


    The carnival for the whole family comes to Marina Lanzarote, the CANnaval !!!

    Come and have a great time with your 4-legged friend and win great prizes by participating together in the contest :)

    In addition some of the dogs that expect family will also come to enjoy this great day with us.

    And, the Los Yaiseros Comparsa will delight us with a great show.

    More fun impossible !! Sign up by sending an email to huella.a.huella@hotmail.com or the same day of the event for only € 2. We will wait for you!!

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  • DOGs CARNIVAL of Teguise

    DOGs CARNIVAL of Teguise


    Everything prepared for the DOGs CARNIVAL of Teguise!! The Carnival more fun because it is for the whole family, furry included, it is more, they are the protagonists ;)

    Prepare your best costume and enjoy a great day with us. Take part in the Canine Costume Contest and win some of the super prizes we have prepared for you.

    Registration can be done the same day at the event and for only €2. Cheer up!!

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  • PerRUNos 2017

    PerRUNos 2017


    Casi un año esperando, pero por fin llegó el gran dia, ya está aquí PerRUNos 2017!!

    El próximo sábado 28 de Enero tendrá lugar esta carrera tan especial, para fomentar las adopciones, donde toda la familia tiene cabida y, especialmente, los peludos :)


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  • Stand at C.C. Deiland

    Stand at C.C. Deiland


    Preparing the lists for Santa Claus? Well, nothing better than a solidarity gift!!

    Thanks to their generosity to give us a place, we will waiting for you on December 3rd, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the C.C. Deiland, we'll be right in front of Women's Secret.

    We will have t-shirts, backpacks, Super Calendars, a pile of clothes for furry thanks to a great donation from Switzerland, and much more ... take advantage of this great opportunity to make the best gift you can buy.

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  • Furry before Christmas

    Furry before Christmas


    Count on the Christmas spirit with your furry!!

    Next December 10th, from 11am to 2am we have an event for the whole family.

    At 1am there will be a dog contest where you can participate with your furry, the most sympathetic, the furriest and the most beautiful Christmas costume, will take a big prize!!

    Also, thanks to Grupo Esacan, you can give a great massage and collaborate with us.

    As always, we will have our table of sale and information with the super calendars, and many other things and, the furry ones that are looking for family, will accompany us hoping to have luck <3

    See you in C.C. Marina Lanzarote, in the Plaza Las Cruces. Dare to come!!

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  • Presentation of the Calendar 2017

    Presentation of the Calendar 2017


    THE SUPER SURPRISE WILL REVEAL!! Yeeeees, and only you will know why it is super, if you come to see it;)

    On Thursday, November 3rd, at 5.30pm we wait for you, your family and friends of 2 and 4 paws, in the courtyard of the Museum of Timple of La Villa de Teguise.

    We will have the presentation of our calendar 2017 and will reveal the big secret, when you see it, you'll love it !! we can not stand more to tell about it... :P

    Dare to come, hang out with us, see some of the furry for adoption, and be the first to have our calendar, do not miss it!!

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  • Campaña de Esterilización e Identificación 2016

    Campaña de Esterilización e Identificación 2016


    La campaña de esterilización e identificación 2016 para los residentes en Yaiza, ya está en marcha!! Si quieres beneficiarte de esta, lee atento las siguientes indicaciones:

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  • Publicacion



    Special moments deserve special events and this occasion is really special &hearts;.

    Sunday October 9th we will have a very special market thanks to a more than exciting donation that has traveled from Switzerland !!

    We will have many things on sale, fashion, accessories, sweets, kennels and f

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  • Stall at La Villa Market

    Stall at La Villa Market


    On Sunday August 14th we will have a table near the square tower, towards the square, hub of the market.

    In it you will find the little things that have donated, t-shirts, bags, books, etc ... and above all, responsible ownership, information on how to do by adopting, on the great problem of aban

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  • Walking together...Forever 2016


    It took a little but here it is!! The video of the WALKING TOGETHER... ALWAYS 2016. Is a bit long, but we don't want to leave out anyone :P. We hope you like it as much as we liked to us you came, despite the bad weather, we hold like champions hehe. Thank you for coming with us and say: No + ABANDO

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  • Walking together...Forever

    Walking together...Forever


    We had been looking forward to this great day !! Remember? Last year was great and we were eager to repeat, at last, one of the events with which most enjoyed with our furry, is already here!!


    See you on July 10th at 6pm at school (La Molina) to climb together to the Castle of Santa Ba

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