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  • Thelma and Louise, two girls with so much of hook

    Thelma and Louise, two girls with so much of hook


    Thelma and Louise are two great, sympathetic, sociable, cheerful, playful and super loving girls. Perfect for any family that makes them a place in your home.

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  • Ser voluntario es lo mejor!!

    Ser voluntario es lo mejor!!


    Un día de voluntariado, paseos, baños, juegos y sobretodo muchos mimos... Todo, mientras esperan una familia definitiva.

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  • Moris, sweet as honey

    Moris, sweet as honey


    Moris is a typical Podenco, sweet, friendly, shy and very sociable. Gladly accepts pampering and walk quite well with the belt. Looking family forever, do you adopt him?

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  • Monique, a doll

    Monique, a doll


    Monique is sweet, quiet and sociable. Walks calmly beside you, likes sweets and sits waiting you give it. She waits a family. Do adopt her?

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  • Denzel, a good boy

    Denzel, a good boy


    Denzel is a cheerful, friendly, active and very affectionate boy. He loves cuddles and tickles. Needs a home, do you adopt him?

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  • Walking Together... Always 2016

    Walking Together... Always 2016


    It took a little but here it is!! The video of the WALKING TOGETHER... ALWAYS 2016. Is a bit long, but we don't want to leave out anyone :P. We hope you like it as much as we liked to us you came, despite the bad weather, we hold like champions hehe. Thank you for coming with us and say: No + ABANDONMENTS!!

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  • Eros, a contagious smile

    Eros, a contagious smile


    EROS is a big puppy, sweet, happy and affectionate.

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  • Ruso, all peace

    Ruso, all peace


    At 9 years Ruso has reached the center, full of fleas and dermatitis caused by that, with a vet cap and a huge completely infected tumor. Nevertheless, he does not lose his calm, looks at you with love and affection continually seeks. He is a wonderful being who need the best of families.

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  • Shila choose to be happy

    Shila choose to be happy


    Shila got very scared, but soon realized she had nothing to fear, and is now a happy and loving dog. Looking for a home.

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  • Casper, coolest boy.

    Casper, coolest boy.


    Casper is a great dog, good and charming. He gets along well with everyone and just want to give and receive pampering. He waits a family in the Animal Shelter Centre of Yaiza.

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  • HOWARD, a gentleman of 4 paws

    HOWARD, a gentleman of 4 paws


    Howard is a very quiet, sweet and sociable dog. He likes to walk with you, he looks you adoringly and loves petting. He is obedient and already serves some commands like "sit". Waits a family in the Animal Center of Yaiza but could travel wherever.

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  • Ocre, the sweetest cat

    Ocre, the sweetest cat


    Ocre is a lovely kitten, super cuddly with everyone, even with dogs!! He needs an urgent family.

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